A new community-based crowdfunding platform focused on investor education and development within an entrepreneur-friendly eco-system.

Enterprise with a social agenda, a mind for profit and a heart for community.

Empowered Capital is the only entrepreneur incubator
with a proven strategy to insure investors against failure!


We are passionate about empowering entrepreneurs who make a positive difference in the world.
We have also developed the only system proven to eliminate the devastating consequences of failure for entrepreneurs and investors


The Empowered Capital philosophy of “Enterprise with a Social Agenda, a Mind for Profit and a Heart for Community” expresses itself in the ventures we support; STEPUPS, not startups. Our support is holistic and complete throughout the full life-cycle of every venture, through good times and bad.


Empowered Capital is growing its investor base ‘from the ground up’ by means of a five-stage financial fitness coaching system; Learn, Earn, Save, Invest and Win. Become an Empowered Capital Investor today! And check out The 49 Club


For an entrepreneur, imagination backed by skill, is more important than money.

An entrepreneur must overcome numerous challenges every day, run of the mill sort of stuff, that their skill and experience enable them to overcome. But every now and then an entrepreneur faces a set of challenges for which they are not fully prepared. An entrepreneur with a healthy imagination is able to “think out of …

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Stables4 med

The Stables Entrepreneur Incubator.

“A thoroughbred approach to entrepreneurship” The Stables Entrepreneur Incubator will be housed in the old horse stables at 2090 Linbro Executive and play host to about 25 ventures at a time; all of them enrolled in the Triangles of Power business development program. The primary focus will be on supporting small to medium businesses that serve …

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